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Spring 2006 Clearing Trip Photos

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Entrance to Boy Scout Camp
Assembly point and first night cabins
(and SHOWERS when we return!)

Put-in at Snowbank

A picture postcard - canoes at the Thomas Lake campsite

AHS/KTC Crew: Scott Stringer, Bernyce Pritchard, Lynn Glesne, Lee Bjerke, Steve Menart, Mark Stange

A flowering evergreen! (A cherry tree and a spruce tree grew out of the same crack in the rock at the Thomas Lake campsite)

Steve Menart doing his part to prepare dinner

Lee & Steve leaving the Thomas Lake campsite

Thomas Lake is 12 lakes from our entry - this is why we portage

In high water years one can float this portage

Bernyce under a 40-lb Kevlar

Merganser Pair

The scenary doesn't get any better!

Break for lunch

Bernyce at the head of the large waterfall flowing from the NW corner of Catyman Lake into Gibson Lake

Scott with the waterfall behind (spectacular drop of about 20 feet)

Mark, Lynn, and Scott at the end of a portage

Carnivorous pitcher plants

View from the campsite on Ahsub Lake

Why we came - the work part

Lee says there is nothing to it!

Steve with his prize-winning sculpture at the Ely Chamber of Commerce building

The other reason why we came