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What are the best maps for a hiking trip in the BWCA?
The KTC has recommended McKenzie Maps because they tend to show the most accurate trail locations. Make sure your map is current (check the copyright date.) You'll see the detailed GPS traces made by the USFS/KTC partnership on the Kek, Pow Wow and Snowbank Lake Trails.

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The Kekekabic Trail Club (KTC) is dedicated to preserving and maintaining backpacking trails of the Superior National Forest and Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

Read the blog post about the 2017 spring trail-clearing trips

Kekekabic Trail Status as of October 2015 – 25 years after reopening

Kekekabic Trail Club founder Martin Kubik led two groups of hikers – one crossing east, the other west, exchanging car keys as they passed midway – to celebrate 25 years since the trail was reopened.

Kubik reports: “The Kekekabic Trail is in better shape than it has been for years. The portion of Kek east of the Kekekabic Tower was very well cleared of brush over past several years, and treefalls were very few (1 to 5 per mile). In the Cavity and Ham Lake areas that where the trail was indistinct after the fires, now a nice visible corridor lined with poplars is defining the trail with unmistakable tread. The west segment from Snowbank Trails head to Thomas Lake portage needs tree fall clearing—there are 285 falls in ten miles, indicating that it has not received maintenance for number of years. Thank you for keeping the Kekekabic Trail open and committing the American Hiking Society Crews to clearing the trail. You, Kek Chapter of NCT, and AHS crews have done a great job."

Above: The September 18th Ely event hike participants pose at the Snowbank Lake Trailhead

Above: Kekekabic Trail Club founder Martin Kubik (left) and Mark Stange (right) talk Kek at the October 20th event

Above: Terry Bernhardt and Bruce Anderson share Kek stories while enjoying cake at the October 20th event

Above: Let’s all celebrate 25 years on the Kek!

Above: Bruce Anderson talks about the history of the Kek, his experiences hiking the Kek, clearing the Kek in the 1990’s.

Above: Mark Stange welcomes the group to the October 20th event at Midwest Mountaineering

Above: September 18th Ely event hikers heading down the trail near the BWCAW boundary

Above: September 18th Ely event hikers pose at the Room for a View interpretive sign

Kekekabic Trail Guide—NOW AVAILABLE!

Trail Guide distributors include Midwest Mountaineering and Piragis Outfitters, and Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply. Contact them directly to purchase a trail guide in person or order over the phone.

See the North Country Trail Association map of the Kekekabic Trail. Note: data used to make this map is not up-to-date so use the map for reference purposes only.

Sulfide Mining Documentary

The Friends of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness have posted a 25-minute documentary regarding sulfide mining, online at www.preciouswaters.org. The website also lists connections for taking action.

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